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For over forty years, custom manufacturing tank trailers for the Liquid Transportation Industry has been our Passion, Dedication, and Commitment to our valued Customers. We take pride in the fact that we listen to our Customers and design to their special requirements. But we take equal pride in the fact that we design and manufacturer your trailer to last.

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Our Name Is Our Reputation

Definition: acro: (ak-ro), pref. - topmost tip; peak; summit.

ACRO Trailer Co. since its founding in 1960 has strived to provide the liquid transportation industry with high quality tank trailers. Our goal as a custom manufacturer is to look at tank trailers through our customers eyes in order to better satisfy their needs.

We pride ourselves on listening well to each customer request. We put our name on the line with every tank trailer we build.

ACRO Trailer has the technical expertise and over 100 years of cargo tank trailer experience. We are dedicated to offering our knowledge and engineering expertise in a collective effort with the Customers to make sure the Customer\' s equipment is exactly what they need and want.

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ACRO Trailer Company is always looking for ways to better satisfy and accommodate our Customers. We take pride in being a custom manufacturing facility which focuses on listening to our Customers and delivering the Customer the product they expect and deserve. With that being said, we are very excited about our new product line.

  • The Code or Non-Code, Aluminum or Stainless 51 degree tilt Dumper Tank with full rear openable head. Like all of our product lines we build with quality and design to last , we are excited about delivering the same with our new Aluminum and Stainless Dumper Tank.
  • Whether its single or multi-compartment, insulated or bareback (exposed ring), straight barrell or double conical, ACRO has years of experience in manufacturing D.O.T. 407 Chemical Tank Trailers that more than satisfy customer requirements.
  • Whether its single or multi-compartment, insulated or bareback (exposed ring), straight barrel or double conical, ACRO has years of experience in manufacturing D.O.T. 407 Chemical Tank Trailers that more than satisfy customer requirements.
  • ACRO has extensive experience in manufacturing ASME/DOT 412 Acid Tank Trailers. Whether its bareback (exposed ring) or insulated, stainless steel or carbon steel our acid tanks top the industry in quality and customer satisfaction.
  • ACRO Trailer Company has years of experience in manufacturing non-code, hot product and truck mounted tanks. We think you will be pleased with our quality products and competitive pricing.
  • We are very excited about our new product line for DOT-407 Crude Oil Cargo Tank Trailers. Like all of our other aluminum product lines we build with quality and design to last , we are excited about delivering the same with our DOT-407 aluminum Crude Oil Cargo Tanks.

RTR's 5 Bay Facility

RTR was founded in 1977 and has been a leader in the repair and service industry since they were founded. RTR is best known for their excellent work in the Sanitary Transportation Industry.

RTR has a 3 acre facility with open end bays specifically designed and suitable for repair services

  • Units can be easily moved in and out without creating bottle necks like the previous location.
  • The 5 bay facility can be used as a 10 bay facility during good weather conditions by having units back to back.
  • This facility is easily accessible for the Customer's equipment!!!
  • RTR can handle any repair or service work on a Cargo Tank Trailer.....Big or Small RTR is the place to bring your Tank.
  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Steel Tank Repair
  • New and Used Tank Sales
  • Rollover repairs
  • Re-barreling and Reframing
  • Suspension Replacement
  • Major Rebuilds
  • Custom Fabrication and Modifications
  • Parts Service
  • Tank Replacement
  • Pump Replacement
  • Experts in stretching Truck Chassis to Optimize Payload
  • Drive in service, i.e. brakes, lights, cabinet repair, PTO, Wet-Line-Kits, etc...


In order to service our customers, ACRO maintains a substantial inventory of tank trailer parts. Parts include ACRO manufactured items and popular OEM manufactured parts.

ACRO Trailer Company will also do special fabrication parts for other brand model trailers and stock those parts for you. We will create the drawings and bills of material for these items and issue a special part number so that you can always get them when you need them not when the original OEM decides to fabricate them for you.

Dot Test

ACRO Trailer Company understands that our Customers need engineering support and technical support not only on an ACRO trailer but on other brand models of trailers. We are here not only for our brand model, but we can also assist with many other brands.

If you need a calibration chart for any trailer DOT-406, DOT-407, DOT-412, MC-331, etc.. any shape any size; ACRO Trailer Company is here to assist.

If you need assistance with stretching, modifying, repairing, weight distributions, or minimum thickness calculations on any DOT specification tank, ACRO Trailer Company is here to assist our valued Customers.

ACRO Trailer Company has the in-house engineering/technical expertise to assist in any of the above DOT specification tanks.

  • DOT Minimum Thickness Calculations
  • Accurate Weight Distribution Analysis to Optimize Payload
  • DOT Structual Integrity Calculations
  • Verification of Compliance with DOT Regulations and ASME Code
  • Theoretical Calibration Chargs-Elliptical, Double Taper, Conical, Inc.
  • Finite Element Analysis on Structural Componenets/Failure Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Calculations Temperatire Loss or Temerature Gain
  • ASME/DOT Pressure Venting Calculations

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