Dot Test

ACRO Trailer Company understands that our Customers need engineering support and technical support not only on an ACRO trailer but on other brand models of trailers. We are here not only for our brand model, but we can also assist with many other brands.

If you need a calibration chart for any trailer DOT-406, DOT-407, DOT-412, MC-331, etc.. any shape any size; ACRO Trailer Company is here to assist.

If you need assistance with stretching, modifying, repairing, weight distributions, or minimum thickness calculations on any DOT specification tank, ACRO Trailer Company is here to assist our valued Customers.

ACRO Trailer Company has the in-house engineering/technical expertise to assist in any of the above DOT specification tanks.

  • DOT Minimum Thickness Calculations
  • Accurate Weight Distribution Analysis to Optimize Payload
  • DOT Structual Integrity Calculations
  • Verification of Compliance with DOT Regulations and ASME Code
  • Theoretical Calibration Chargs-Elliptical, Double Taper, Conical, Inc.
  • Finite Element Analysis on Structural Componenets/Failure Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Calculations Temperatire Loss or Temerature Gain
  • ASME/DOT Pressure Venting Calculations